Proposed changes to Local Terms and Conditions

A message from Branch Secretary Emma Schofield:




As you will all be aware the force is still facing financial challenges.


UNISON have been in consultation with HR for the past few months in relation to proposals made by the force for where savings can be made from our local terms and conditions and are still engaging with them in relation to this.


Improving members pay and conditions is one of UNISONS main tasks and as such we have opposed the proposed changes as much as possible. The force has now proposed their final position and as such we will be seeking to go into full consultation with you as members before we sign any collective agreement involving changes to your contracts.


In the next few weeks we will be holding surgeries across as many departments as possible to get the feedback from you as members and the dates will be circulated once our Regional Officer has advised me of his availability. This will be your opportunity to find out what this could actually mean for you.


Whilst we have to remember that the above proposals may not affect you at this very moment in time a lot of reviews are currently underway and this could change.


UNISON has also found NO evidence in the past to suggest attacking members terms and conditions guarantees saving jobs but we will be guided by yourselves.


Currently on the table is Pay Protection and Disturbance allowance and the proposals are as follows:


SCT have committed to agreeing that they will not undertake a review of annual leave provisions for at least the next 5 years, subject to the following:


  1. Pay Protection – currently stands at 2.5yrs protection and shift allowance for 9mths
    1. Reduced to 1 year (maintaining shift protection) or
    2. 18 months (no shift protection). In terms of the shift protection, if sought to be maintained then we do need to agree an easier way to pay this as it is administratively challenging to reduce in phases.
  2. T&D allowance from 4yrs reduced to 1 year


Naturally all the existing commitments apply in that:

  • All staff in receipt continue under their existing provisions and not the above proposals – we will agree a future implementation date
  • SYP is committed to managing staff movement in a less disruptive way wherever possible


In relation to travel and disturbance we have also gained commitment from the force that moves will be more carefully planned to avoid disrupting the lives of our members and as such has been scoped into the PCSO review for a more structured and measured approach to relocating staff.


Kind Regards,

Emma Schofield