PCSO Good News Story – Bank Holiday Payments!


PCSO steward Dave South has recently challenged bank holiday payments on behalf of all our PCSO members and, after a number of months and conversations the force have finally agreed with our interpretation of the staff handbook.

The following has been sent to us from HR:

I can confirm that due to the working pattern of a PCSO i.e.working one Monday in three as a normal working pattern, payment for working on a bank holiday will be dependent on whether the bank holiday falls on a working day or not.

For example, if an individual was due to work the Monday as part of their working pattern, which is a bank holiday the individual would be entitled to claim:

. Staff on a working day will claim plain time as per section 2 paragraph 12 for the hours worked, (the time difference between their working day and BH allocation will be added to their WL/ATO). They do not lose any Bank Holiday out of their Bank Holiday pot as they are working it. They claim single time as it is a rostered working day therefore they have already got single time in their salary, the additional single time claim is to recompense for the fact they are working on a bank holiday.

This being on the basis that the working Monday would form part of their normal 37 hour pay and therefore as they aren’t working it, it isn’t taken from their Bank Holiday leave and the plain time is then the enhancement for working on a bank holiday.

If however, for example an individual works on a bank holiday that would be a rest day as part of the normal pattern rest, they are entitled to claim:

. Staff working overtime on a rest day in their pattern in additional to the 37 hours rostered hours for the week clam double time overtime with no time taken from their BH pot. They claim double time overtime under Section 2 paragraph 6.1 on any form as they have already worked their contractual hours that week and therefore have not got the single time for it already, any hours on this day are additional to their contractual hours.

This being on the basis that this is in addition to the 37 hour working week and therefore classed as overtime.

Two of our members will receive back payments in relation to this!

Going forwards, HR are going to Payroll about the possibility of amending the form, however, at this time the only way to ensure that payment is correctly made is for PCSO’s to specify on the overtime form whether the bank holiday worked has fallen on a working day or a rest day. Please keep this in mind when submitting any OT forms for bank holidays