UNISON members can save up to £216 with the Union energy price comparison service!

Union Energy’s free energy price comparison service allows you to find the most competitively-priced gas and electricity providers in your area to help keep your home energy bills as low as possible. The service is 100% impartial and includes every UK energy supplier and every tariff for maximum choice.

UNISON members are regularly saving an average of over £216 by switching energy suppliers using the service.

Six reasons to try Union Energy’s new price comparison service

1. You could save money!

Union Energy’s free 100% impartial energy price comparison service allows you to search for the most competitively-priced gas and electricity suppliers in your area. You can’t get a better price by going direct to the suppliers as often they won’t offer you the deals Union Energy have available

2. Independent Advice

Union Energy is entirely independent and provides prices for every gas and electricity supplier in the UK for maximum choice, whereas most other price comparison services only show a selection of energy suppliers. Union Energy’s prices are continually updated with information provided by the energy suppliers themselves and all suppliers are regulated to ensure they meet the required standard of service.

3. Union Energy’s Energy Monitoring Programme ensures competitive prices for the long term

Union Energy’s service doesn’t stop once you switch suppliers. You can also register for their Lifetime Energy Monitoring Programme which means that when energy prices change, you will be re-contacted as soon as you can save whatever sum you tell them is important to you, e.g. £50 per annum, by moving to another supplier. This service ensures that you can benefit from further savings in the future.

4. Don’t be a rollover!

With ever-changing tariff structures on the increase, customers will often select a capped or fixed price tariff that saves them lots of money during the fixed or capped period. These tariffs are great news but energy companies like them too as it allows them to roll you over onto a new tariff – often marketed as a fantastic offer – at the end of the capped or fixed rate period. Union Energy’s advice is to beware, rollover tariffs are never as good as the best deals on the market. So if your current capped or fixed price tariff is coming to an end, make sure you use Union Energy’s service to compare all tariffs. Don’t become a rollover!

5. It’s easy to switch!

Switching is easy and hassle-free! No changes are required to your meters, cables or pipes. Only the actual billing changes and you can arrange all of this by using Union Energy’s service in less than five minutes

6. A UK company to be proud of

Union Energy Limited is owned by the TUC and their price comparison service is powered by Energylinx, the largest specialist home energy price comparison service in the UK with an excellent track record, fully accredited by the gas and electricity consumer watchdog, Consumer Focus (formerly called Energywatch). What’s more their service is not just web-based; if you prefer to use the telephone to switch energy suppliers or have any problems or a query at any stage, you can pick up the phone and speak to an experienced person based in the UK who actually knows what they’re talking about.

Visit www.unionenergy.co.uk or call 0800 094 9039 quoting UNISON